Marketing Applications

Marketing Automation

  • Marketing automation

  • Put your business on autopilot.

  • Create automatic & targeted marketing campaigns

  • Automate your workflows and scale your business.

  • Shaping marketing opportunities with high professionalism .. Easily customize your workflows thanks to a visual interface.

  • Design engaging.

  • Automate many tools of work ..

  • Email campaigns in minutes.

  • Trigger any action you need to streamline your workflow.

  • An efficient lead management system   .. Use an integrated approach to generating, nurturing and converting leads into customers.

  • Lead Generation - Lead Qualification - Lead Nurturing

  • Automate every department’s business processes .. A tool that goes beyond marketing.

Email Marketing

  • Build awesome campaigns .. Start from scratch or pick one of the templates.

  • Database segment .. For better open and click rates.

  • Works on any device .. tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

  • improve your campaigns.. Rely on stats and data to send better emails.

  • Advanced features .. Take full control of every aspect of your mailing campaigns (Track your links - Calculate your ROI ).

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